Single-use Continuous Production Kit for Virus Particles

ContiVir10 was designed for research groups developing new viruses on a laboratory scale.


ContiVir10 allows to transform a 1 L batch reactor into a fully continuous system capable of producing 10 L of virus harvest per month at a constant flow-rate of ≈15 mL per hour.

ContiVir10 covers a wide range of incubation/harvesting times

from 20 hours (coronavirus, influenza virus) up to 70 hours (AAV).

A list of four good reasons to try ContiVir10 for production of your new virus strain:

  • Stability. It is the only continuous reactor type that does not accumulate defective interfering particles and thus provides stable virus titers.

  • Mutation-free. It is the only reactor that has a defined residence time and thus avoids virus mutations.

  • Throughput. The tubular reactor can be twice as fast as batch due to its increased virus production rate.

  • Flexibility. Its single-use design enables production of different viruses using the same facility and with minimum downtime.

We are offering selected vaccine and AAV researchers the opportunity to help us evaluate this production technology. If you are interested in testing our virus production kit free of charge, send us an email to

Layout of ContiVir10

ContiVir10 (patent pending) has six unit operations:

The layout of a ContiVir10-based continuous process looks as follows:


ContiVir10 can be installed in any cell culture laboratory with the following standard equipment:

1.  Two water baths for cooling betwen 0–4 °C. Alternatively, a styrofoam box with ice (exchanged every 24 hours) can be used.

2.  A standard 1 L bioreactor with control unit and a 5 L bottle.

3.  Two peristaltic pumps compatible with tubes of 0.7–1.2 mm internal diameter.

4.  An incubator for cell culture with internal dimensions of at least 40×40×45 cm (L×W×H)

All photos Felipe Tapia © 2020