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Single-use Continuous Bioreactor for Virus Particles


Next-generation bioreactor for fast scale-up of cell-based vaccines and gene therapies

ContiVir30 is a bioreactor that enables production of virus particles at the 1–100 L scale without increasing vessel size as a traditional batch process would require. This unique advantage is possible because ContiVir30 operates in continuous mode at a production rate of 30 liter/month using a tubular bioreactor for virus propagation.

Also, with a minor system upgrade its production capacity can reach 1000 liters or more without the need to change scaffolding.


​Our current ContiVir30 Continuous Tubular Bioreactor (CTB) system has been used successfully for the production of:

  • Influenza A virus

  • Adeno-associated virus (AAV)

  • Non-infectious coronavirus-like particles (VLP) resembling SARS-CoV-2

In addition, our ContiVir30 can be used for production of other viruses such as Adenovirus, Modified Vaccinia Ankara, Yellow Fever or Coronavirus as long as a suspension cell line is available (for example, suspension HEK293, MDCK, Vero or BHK cells).


ContiVir30 at our facility in Germany (Mark IV, February 2022).

A list of four good reasons to try ContiVir30 for production of your new virus strain:

  • Stability. Does not accumulate defective interfering particles and thus provides stable virus titers.

  • Reduced mutation risk. It allows a defined residence time and thus avoids virus mutations.

  • Throughput. It is twice as fast as batch due to its increased virus production rate.

  • Flexibility. Its single-use design minimizes downtime. 

Other advantages arise if a new manufacturing process is established for a vaccine or gene therapy based on ContiVir30: elimination of the bioreactor seed train, acceleration of the R&D process, reduction of sizes of downstream units, possibility of microfactory design and reduced capital investment. 

Contact us with the formular if you wish to try the benefits of ContiVir30 or if you wish to invest in its development for your particular application through a collaboration.

Thank you for your message. We will contact you back shortly.

CTB linkedin.jpg

ContiVir30 at our facility in Germany (Mark II, January 2021).

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