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Fast & Scalable Continuous Manufacturing of Viruses for Gene Therapies and Vaccines

Currently, there is serious lack of supply of virus particles for gene therapies and for vaccines in case of a pandemic emergency (influenza, coronavirus disease). Additionally, manufacturing custom-made viruses can cost biotech firms a third or more of their development budget.


Expanding manufacturing capacity with traditional technologies will not improve the current situation:

It is estimated that a tenfold improvement in virus manufacturing is needed to enable the growth of the gene therapy market ($11 bn by 2025).

ContiVir is developing highly efficient virus production technologies that have the potential to resolve these issues.

For Universities/Research Institutes/Start-ups
  • Speed:​ Faster turnaround time and less delays with product delivery thanks to fully continuous product harvest.

  • Higher product recovery: Our high purification yields of more than 90% mean you get back purified most of the sample you send us.

  • Reduced mutation risk: Our tubular bioreactor ensures higher homogeneity of of virus particles thanks to a unidirectional flow that avoids back-mixing.

Learn more about our research by reading our Publications.

If you are interested in helping us evaluate these technologies,

please send an email to


* WO2017190790A1, Tapia F, et al. Plug flow tubular bioreactor, system containing the same and method for production of virus. (Pending)

** WO2017076553A1, Wolff MW, et al. Method for the separation of virus compositions including depletion and purification thereof. (Pending)

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