Many regard the coronavirus pandemic as the worst global crisis since WWII. 

Manufacturing billions of coronavirus vaccines in a short time will be a huge challenge…


ContiVir's technologies have the potential to help with this difficult task.

Production of COVID-19 vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO) periodically updates a Draft landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines.

ContiVir's Technologies can be used to efficiently manufacture virus, virus vector-based, and VLP-based coronavirus vaccine candidates, which constitute around half the projects currently listed by the WHO. Encapsulated nucleic acids can also be purified with our SXC technology.

Our manufacturing platform has the potential to be fully scaled-up to produce the billions of vaccine doses that are urgently needed. 

We are offering lab-scale devices (a single-use tubular reactor kit and a single-use purification kit) to selected coronavirus researchers who are working with one of the above-mentioned approaches and that require research-grade and pre-clinical material to evaluate the effectiveness of their vaccine candidates. 

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